Day care for children from 3 months to 5 years in Thornton Heath in the London Borough of Croydon

Our nursery is split in to two age groups - with a soft play area for children from 3 months to two years, and a large freeflow area for all the children aged two to five years.

Ladel’s Day Nursery adheres to the guidelines of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which implements planned and child-initiated activities and gives diverse opportunities and choice of ‘what and with whom’ children play with indoors and outdoors.

The setting places emphasis on equal opportunities and promotion of the rights of the child to express themselves whether verbally or non-verbally. Ladel’s equal opportunity and inclusion policies make reference to equality of opportunities in allowing all children to participate in the play activities of their choice. It also makes reference to cultural preference of activities and its aim to support such preference. An example of this is collaborating with parents in providing culturally appropriate curriculum to help overcome personal and social barriers.

The setting provides a free flow system where children have unlimited access to outdoor play. This incorporates the natural surroundings of common ground for the children to explore and experience firsthand knowledge of their environment.

The principles and commitments of our nursery

Ladel’s aims to provide a joyful and rewarding experience through creative learning. We encourage children to develop their sense of independence and ability to think for themselves.

Ladel’s aims to provide an environment in which all children, including those with special educational needs, are supported to reach their full potential.

Ladel’s aims to improve staff knowledge and understanding of issues of anti-discriminatory practice, promoting equality and valuing diversity and to make inclusion a thread that runs through all areas of the nursery.

Ladel’s aims to collaborate with parents and carers as equal partners and to encourage positive relationship between parents, carers, children and staff.

We believe that children flourish best when their personal, social and emotional needs are met and where clear and developmentally appropriate expectation of behaviour is adhered to.

Day Nursery

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