Our Testimonials

Discover what some of the parents and carers whose children are at or have been at our nursery had to say about us.
Ivy W

A very wonderful nursery with great staff, my child is in the preschool and he is doing so well. He’s always happy to go to the nursery and that makes all of us happy.

Thanks to all the staff for the wonderful work you are doing.


My daughter has advanced so much since she started attending this nursery. She knows all her colours, ABC’s, numbers etc. She’s only 2. She has learnt how to interact with children her age and also has been taught manners. The staff communicates her progress and next steps frequently and works with her until she has achieved them. My friends and family with small children regularly ask me what nursery she goes to as she is very advance for her age.

Owen H

I would like to express my gratitude to all the staff and management at LaDel’s Day Nursery. Their work ethic is outstanding. I am pleased to see the improvement in my child’s development since attending LaDel’s Day Nursery. My child initially was enrolled in another Nursery but his development was very slow so on the recommendation of a family member whose child attended LaDel’s Day Nursery some years ago and is now top of his class at school. Hence I decided to enrol my child at LaDel’s Day Nursery. This happened to be the best decision that I have made for my child. My child’s development has improved so much he is doing things that I did not expect a child his age to do. His improvement is so obvious. Most of all my child loves to be at the LaDel’s Day Nursery. Most weekends he is requesting to go to the nursery. I have recommended this Nursery to others and will definitely continue to do so.

Franklyn S

My experience has been truly amazing, and it is definitely my daughter’s home away from home! From our initial visit, we were warmly welcomed, and their door is always open to us. They listen compassionately to any concerns we may have, and I am always up to date with everything going on as they go above and beyond in keeping us informed, whether it’s through their mobile app, conversations at pickup or their awesome events calendars. They are definitely on top of everything. My daughter loves all the staff and gets super excited to see them. It gives me great piece of mind to know that she is being cared for by people who genuinely care about her. LaDel’s offers so much to the children learning and always has great activities and awesome field trips. It joys my heart to see how confident she has become since attending LaDel’s and to watch her sing play and re-enact all that she has learnt. There is so much life and joy wrapped up in this place. Thank you and all your amazing staff.


I would like to thank all the management and the staff at LaDel’s Nursery for all their exemplary hard work. You have done an amazing and fantastic job. The ongoing results and achievements have been shown by my granddaughter.

All the staff are truly dedicated to their jobs, and this is plain to

see. Not only to my granddaughter but to all the children that attend the nursery. She has come a long way since attending LaDel’s nursery. She is getting more and more confident as the days go by. She gets a pen/pencil and draws on paper, she will bring it to you, and starts to clap. The joy of seeing this overwhelms me and my heart.

My granddaughter is going to the toilet on her own now, which is one of the things she has learnt at the nursery. She sings and touches your lips, encouraging you to sing along with her. She shows us what she wants by holding our hand and guiding us to the cupboard, sink, and fridge, throwing rubbish into the bin, going to the fridge for a drink, it’s a ……

Giuliana B

I would like to say a big thank you to all members of staff for the hard work, dedication, love and care shown to my little one and for helping her grow into the confident shiny star that she is. The staff did an overall great job with my daughter, from potty training to letters and numbers and drawing. Outstanding nursery!


I have had such an amazing experience with my son going to LaDels Day Nursery. My son has been going to this nursery for six months and I have seen such a huge improvement in his development overall. He’s always so happy and chirpy to go to nursery and always babbles on in the car journey home from nursery about his day. The nursery is filled with plenty of things for all the children at the nursery and you can see that the manager has taken her time with making the nursery a special place for the children. The staff at the nursery are all very lovely and are always so welcoming. I’m very sad that my son has to leave but if I ever needed to recommend a nursery it would definitely be LaDels. I thank you all for your help and thank you for the wonderful experience.

Anja B

I would just like to firstly thanks to all the staff at Ladel’s, this Nursery is truly outstanding. The two years my daughter spent here honestly helped to mould her little personality; teaching and providing her with such a nurturing, educational and protective environment, to help her to grow and develop. Her educational growth was supported with a patient manner, caring attitude and immense encouragement. She was able to receive such a wide range of learning, such as traditional outfits day, number/colour and shape of the week, gardening, fancy dress with staff taking part and so much more. As my only child, leaving her to resume work was difficult, but this transition was made seamless with the staff at Ladel’s. I felt supported knowing that the staff wore continuing to aid amazing manners, creative behaviour and a variety of teachings. Staff are warm, welcoming and honestly a delight to interact with. I am thankful for all of their hard work over the two years and saddened to say goodbye.

Klodiana S

I have two kids in LaDels nursery. I am happy for my children.is the best nursery. The teachers are very nice and lovely with education. The food is very nice my kids loved the food in school. I recommend any Mothe, she would like to send kids there. Thank you.

Rochelle M

We have had a wonderful experience with our son attending LaDel’s Day Nursery. The Manager and her team have done a fantastic job at nurturing our child and ensuring his nursery experience has been good. The nursery always keeps us up to date with everything regarding our child’s care. Would recommend it.

Nicole B

Being a first time mum, and having my son at the start of our first lockdown, the thought of leaving him in anyone’s care was out of the question. And then he turned around eighteen months and started to be rather independent and almost told me in his own way “mum I need some outside interaction”. I had a family member whose little one was already attending LaDels Nursery. Once I went for the viewing and met the Manager (who I then found out happened to look after my now nineteen year old brother) my mind and heart were at ease. From about day three of my son attending he was running off to the door just about looking back. His development and speech have come leaps and bounds and he now loves singing more than ever. The communication between myself and the staff is open and any concerns I have or they have would either be verbally addressed or in writing with quick responses and resolutions keeping my mind at ease. Definitely highly recommended this nursery from me and am grateful for their services.

Ieshia M

My daughter has been going to this nursery since October 2021, she was 1-years old when she started she is now 2-years old and there have been drastic improvements in her speech, development and overall understanding. I can easily notice changes in my child’s behaviour. My daughter always comes home with smiles and does lots of artwork and cooking when she’s at nursery. The staff and management have excellent communication, LaDel’s Day Nursery Ltd is great value for money. I would happily recommend family and friends to this nursery.


My daughter has been going to the LaDel’s Day Nursery for about one year. Since attending I have seen my child’s development improve to the point where she is becoming more articulate and during play at home, she has adopted the habits from daycare she has picked up while there by even coming home, taking off her jacket she starts to pack her toys away without being prompted! This is obviously behaviour my daughter has picked up from being in an environment like LaDel’s. The staff are excellent and I would highly recommend any parent consider choosing this facility to send their little ones too. I like to call it a home away from home as my daughter can’t wait to leave me once I drop her off. This fills me with confidence every time I leave her for work, that peace of mind is priceless. On that note, I would like to thank all the staff for helping me raise a child.

Gianna C

My son has been going to this nursery since he was 18 months and there was drastic improvements in his speech, development and overall understanding. Staff and management have excellent communication and can easily notice changes in my child’s behaviour. Great value for money and management have always tried to accommodate parents where necessary. I would happily send my future children back to this nursery.

Calista A

I find LaDel’s Day Nursery to be an excellent nursery. My kids are settling well and they are improving every day and both of them are happy. Staff and management are brilliant, the facilities are very good. I would highly recommend LaDel’s Nursery for everyone.

Shyni R

Absolutely brilliant staff and such a friendly environment. My little man enjoyed LaDel’s and is already missing all the kids and the staff. He is always singing and sharing his knowledge with so much confidence. Thank you all for the wonderful experience you have given us even through the pandemic. We didn’t miss Christmas, Easter or graduation as it was all done through Zoom. Very very well organisation.

Latoya C

I find LaDel’s Day Nursery to be an excellent Nursery. I have no complaints. Staff and management brilliant. The facilities are very good. I had two sons who attended the nursery years ago and now I have a daughter who attends. I would highly recommend LaDel’s Day Nursery.

Leonie S

La Del’s Day Nursery has been in my family for more than 15 years. My eldest son started in 2014 and my 2 other children attend now. The staff have been a godsend and I cannot fault them. My children love it there and appear to be looked after very well. All I can say is amazing, amazing, amazing! Thank you La Del’s.

Monique W

It’s like a big family. I feel at ease and comfortable knowing that my children are well looked after, they come home every day clean and happy. They learn something new as well every day, especially my one-year-old, she’s become my confident and independent and my son has improved with he’s communication/speech.

Kassandra A

LaDel’s Day Nursery is a home away from home for my son. I always feel at peace that he will be well looked after and is in good hands. The nursery manager is courteous, understanding and shows an interest in us as a family as well as caring for my son. The staff are all friendly and have always looked after him well. He has been in attendance for over a year.

Laniya J

The manager is an amazing nursery manager and her caring skills are second to none. When my children are at the nursery it feels like a home away from home. They are so comfortable and relaxed whilst with the staff. She has put in place substantial COVID safe measures reassuring me of my children’s safety. My baby loves one of the staff in the baby room. It is amazing how accommodating they have been throughout my children’s nursery and pre-school journey. My youngest started from 16 weeks and the effort of the staff was impeccable, helping me wean her off breastfeeding. I have recommended the nursery to other family members and would not take my children elsewhere.

Nicola R

I am extremely pleased with LaDel’s nursery; this is my second child at the institution.

My son, who currently attends the nursery, was very clingy to me prior to him starting, and I was also clingy to him.

He adjusted to the nursery straight away on day one and now looks forward to going each day.

I was comforted on the first day as the nursery provider Maize, rang me to give me an update, that my son was OK and settling well, and this comforted me.

The nursery is very clean, spacious and inviting.

The environment is well kept and visually pleasing, the property is safe and secure.

The staff are well trained, polite and well experienced.

I am also happy that the nursery has a uniform.

My son has shown progress with each day of attendance, his speech is becoming more fluent, and he has started to sing his ABC.

I am thankful for this nursery as I am not sure what I would do without them, and would happily recommend it to any parent needing a nursery for their child/children.


My daughter and son both went to the nursery and were happy each morning going to nursery. They really loved the staff, activities and learning they did each day. I was very happy with the services provided and will always recommend this nursery.


This is a lovely nursery run by friendly staff. My nephew has grown and developed so much over the past year and I see the difference in his progress when he is not attending nursery. His speech and number counting impress me every day and I can tell he enjoys being there. The outdoor grounds of the nursery are lovely and the nursery is adjacent to a park which is a bonus. I would definitely recommend this nursery and I am happy that my nephew is in great hands.

Mishalle D

Our son was at LaDels from 6-months until 3 and a half years old. He was extremely happy and well taken care of. His development and skills were amazing, his confidence skyrocketed through his time there. To date, he misses his friends and the staff. If we had not moved he would have stayed at LaDel’s. We will forever be grateful to everyone at LaDel’s for the love, kindness and caring for our son and our family. He had turned out to be a super little man and is very much ready for big boy school – thanks to you all.

Mel M

As a first time mother, I was very nervous to leave my son and return back to work. I searched and viewed over 20+ nurseries before LaDel’s. I was recommended LaDel’s Nursery by my Godson’s mother as I was struggling to find a nursery that I was satisfied with. The manager gave me a tour around the nursery and walked me through their daily routine and procedure, I felt at peace and very safe. The large outdoor field. The set up of the nursery and the hygiene – brilliant!

My son absolutely loves the nursery, the staff, the kids and all the outdoor cars/slides. The staff started potty training him from 18 months and he has done amazing! I’m so proud and pleased with all the work and effort they have put in. He has just turned 2 years old and he’s talking very clearly, singing all day long, counting to 20, dressing himself, putting his shoes on and so much more! The staff are very friendly and engaging. You can tell they are passionate about their role. I would highly recommend!

Haniwa B

LaDel does a great job in preparing children for school. The lessons have been extremely helpful for my Grandson, he has advanced so much since he joined. He is confident and independent the structure of the lessons are superb. The staff are welcoming and friendly, I would definitely recommend.

Renae Williams

An amazing nursery with great careers, I honestly cannot express how much I love the nursery. I sent my daughter at 9 months old as I went back to studies and they were very understanding and helpful in the process of getting funding. Now 3 of my daughter cousins also go here and love it too !

Ebbony Samuda

My daughter is developing very well here….she recently turned 2 and is potty trained…..very talkative and counting to 10 forwards and backwards! I am very pleased with the Nursery.

Anja Mullin-Brahoua

I would just like to Firstly Thank ALL the staff at Ladel’s, this Nursery is truly outstanding. The 2 Years my daughter spent here honestly helped to mould her little personality; teaching and providing her with a such a nurturing, educational and protective environment, to help her to grow and develop. Her educational growth was supported with a patient manner, caring attitude and immense encouragement. She was able to receive such a wide range of learning, such as traditional outfits day, number/colour& shape of the week ,gardening, fancy dress with staff taking part and so much more. As my only child, leaving her to resume work was difficult, but this transition was made seamless with the staff at Ladel’s. I felt supported knowing that the staff wore continuing to aid amazing manners, creative behaviour and a variety of teachings. Staff are warm, welcoming and honestly a delight to interact with; drop offs and pick ups, were always started with a smile and a friendly words. Staff take the time to remember the little things i.e events my daughter had attended, new extra curricular activities and noticing the smallest of changes i.e new shoes, coats and hairstyle. Just a few of the many attributes that made me feel this was like a home away from home for my daughter. I am thankful for all of their hard work over the 2 years and saddened to wish them well and say goodbye, I will definitely be choosing Ladel’s my next time around.

Nickesha Johnson

My son has been attending the nursery for almost 3 years now. I am very happy with his development, I have had no cause for concern, I was able to go back to work full-time with peace of mind that he is being looked after. Staff are nice, caring and friendly.

Cynthia Jordan

My Granddaughter J’adore Morgan has been attending this nursery, Ladels Day Nursery for 2 years. I, as the Grandmother have seen an enormous improvement in her overall behaviour and physical activities. The staff are extremely friendly, helpful, and very supportive. I am recommending this Nursery to anybody who is looking for a nursery placement in the future. What stood out for me this year was the Xmas arrangement, which took place outside of the nursery. The team’s effort and conscientiousness was, there to see in all that was present, eg, lighting effect, xmas tree, the snowman yo name but a few. The overall display was outstanding and amazing to see. I’m sure the kids were in their element. This was not just a one off, this is a regular team and management collaboration all year round.

Kayron Carter-Wilson

Ladel’s Day Nursery is the ideal place for parents to leave their children. All the children’s needs are taken care of. The staff is caring, loving and go beyond the call of duty to ensure that the children are comfortable and learning. Activities are geared towards the children’s holistic development. Children learn to be independent, mannerly and confident. The activities boosts the children’s self-esteem and inculcate the values needed. The environment is safe and conducive to learning, playing and discovering. The children get the opportunity to develop physically, socially, cognitively, emotionally and creatively. The FOOD served is of the highest quality ( varied, well prepared, nutritious and pleasing to the eyes). Ladel’s is a home away from home. Children are monitored around the clock and safety and security is a priority at Ladel’s. WELL DONE LADEL’S.

Giuliana Bobo

I would like to say a big thank you to all members of staff for the hard work, dedication, love and care shown to my little one and helping her grow into the a confident shiny star that she is. Staffs did an overall great job with my daughter, from potty training to letters and numbers and drawing. Outstanding Nursery

Egeonu Kelechi

LaDels Day Nursery is one of the best place for kids , they have excellent staff, they look after kids well with a lot of training and teaching, very healthy environment and spacious for kids to play. They cook healthy meals for kids. My kids are always happy to go to nursery.

Nikky Oluwa

I was always nervous about sending my children into the care of others but I would like to say Ladels day nursery has been a great experience from the 1st week! The amount of development my kids have undergone both verbally and mentally has been worth the separation anxiety. I would definitely recommend. Your children are in safe hands.

Oluwatoyin O

My daughter spent over two years at LaDel’s, and those years have been a good foundation for my daughter. She can identify letters, numbers, objects, colours etc as well as being able to sing, engage in light exercises, which gladden my heart lots. Their staff are friendly whenever I have a conversation with them. Also, the school environment is encouraging with lots of modern equipment to engage with. Importantly, my daughter improvement is really encouraging, and I’m happy about this.

Martyna G

This nursery is set in a park, perfect for little explorers. Very professional and competent service, also very safe and private. My children are very happy and have grown to love this place. The staff are very accommodating and helpful at all times! 5A* service.

Alecia M

My daughter has been with LaDel’s Day Nursery since 10 months old, she is now 2 and a half years old, and she has learnt a lot at nursery including counting, alphabet, colours and shapes. The nursery has great connection with myself setting new goals every few months for her to achieve both at nursery and at home.


I think learning and development are excellent.


Since joining the nursery a few years ago, our eldest who is now in primary school and her 2 younger sisters (4 and 2 years) have all attended LaDel’s Day Nursery. We were so impressed with the nursery that we had our 2-year-old start at one. The girls have all benefitted from continuous and effective learning mixed with lots of fun in a bright environment. We love the fact that the nursery has a very large outdoor play area for daily activities but for us, the extra mile the staff go to to create a very safe and conducive environment to learn and develop is a strong reason why we will recommend the nursery to everyone, including our friends and family.

Joanna L

I have known LaDel’s Day Nursery for nearly eight years now, as my son was attending previously and I was always joking that if I ever have more children there won’t be any doubts that we will come back here. My daughter loves it here! The management and staff are very kind and approachable and always make time to talk to you. Thank you very much for everything, it is a gem to find such a lovely nursery!


LaDel’s Day Nursery Ltd is one of the nurseries with much great output and outstanding performance. My child was only a year and a few months old when I enrolled her there. In the beginning, I was a little bit doubtful if she was going to make progress but the encouragement and the hardworking of the management staff proved beyond doubt with much care, excellent tuition, daily activities and many more, have really improved the development and ability of my child. Good staff, conducive equipment, cleanliness, the safety of children, caring and many more are all assured in LaDel’s Day Nursery. I will strongly recommend such a nursery for anyone who desires the best for the upbringing of children. Great thanks to all the staff.


Words can not truly express how happy I am with this nurseries’ services. The love, care and support that was shown towards my twins and all the other children within the nursery was outstanding. They have great facilities for children and a range of activities. The staff are very supportive, polite and caring. LaDel’s Day Nursery is the best nursery I have come across.


This was one of the best nurseries for me and my child. The manager and staff were always polite, friendly and respectful in all aspects. They are accurate in passing on information whether via newsletter or word of mouth as a reminder. My child was always happy and even more excited to go to nursery in the mornings, I had no problem and would highly recommend LaDel’s Day Nursery.

Chelsea S

My son has attended here for over two years. The nursery is run very well with great staff. If ever I need to discuss anything they are happy to do so. I’ve never had any issues with my sons well being or education whilst he has been there. The nursery has really helped my son with his speech disorder, even learning and writing Makaton (Sign Language) to help him progress. If ever there has been an incident or accident it has always been relayed to me that day so I am aware. They review the children often so I’m always aware of his progress. They often have event days which the kids love. The nursery is run by an amazing woman who adores the children. I’m happy to say the nursery has exceeded my expectations.

Daniel I

My son attended LaDel’s nursery last year. Our family’s overall experience with this nursery is wonderful. I must say that all the staff from top to bottom of the hierarchy there, contributed to that experience. Two names will remain in our memories as the most pleasurable experiences we ever had with the educational system so far. These are the manager of LaDel’s, and one of the most experienced teachers. The human approach, generosity, love for the kids, professionalism in classrooms and at the playground and I can go on and on, trying to describe something that actually has to be personally experienced. I can’t express enough my personal gratitude to the staff of LaDel’s. My son was having English as a second language. When he started with LaDel’s he didn’t know/speak any. By the third week, he felt comfortable and used the English language as a language of preferable choice. In conclusion, I can only recommend LaDel’s to anyone.

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