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Discover what some of the parents and carers whose children are at or have been at our nursery had to say about us.
Oluwatoyin O

My daughter spent over two years at LaDel’s, and those years have been a good foundation for my daughter. She can identify letters, numbers, objects, colours etc as well as being able to sing, engage in light exercises, which gladden my heart lots. Their staff are friendly whenever I have a conversation with them. Also, the school environment is encouraging with lots of modern equipment to engage with. Importantly, my daughter improvement is really encouraging, and I’m happy about this.

Martyna G

This nursery is set in a park, perfect for little explorers. Very professional and competent service, also very safe and private. My children are very happy and have grown to love this place. The staff are very accommodating and helpful at all times! 5A* service.

Alecia M

My daughter has been with LaDel’s Day Nursery since 10 months old, she is now 2 and a half years old, and she has learnt a lot at nursery including counting, alphabet, colours and shapes. The nursery has great connection with myself setting new goals every few months for her to achieve both at nursery and at home.


I think learning and development are excellent.


Since joining the nursery a few years ago, our eldest who is now in primary school and her 2 younger sisters (4 and 2 years) have all attended LaDel’s Day Nursery. We were so impressed with the nursery that we had our 2-year-old start at one. The girls have all benefitted from continuous and effective learning mixed with lots of fun in a bright environment. We love the fact that the nursery has a very large outdoor play area for daily activities but for us, the extra mile the staff go to to create a very safe and conducive environment to learn and develop is a strong reason why we will recommend the nursery to everyone, including our friends and family.

Joanna L

I have known LaDel’s Day Nursery for nearly eight years now, as my son was attending previously and I was always joking that if I ever have more children there won’t be any doubts that we will come back here. My daughter loves it here! The management and staff are very kind and approachable and always make time to talk to you. Thank you very much for everything, it is a gem to find such a lovely nursery!


LaDel’s Day Nursery Ltd is one of the nurseries with much great output and outstanding performance. My child was only a year and a few months old when I enrolled her there. In the beginning, I was a little bit doubtful if she was going to make progress but the encouragement and the hardworking of the management staff proved beyond doubt with much care, excellent tuition, daily activities and many more, have really improved the development and ability of my child. Good staff, conducive equipment, cleanliness, the safety of children, caring and many more are all assured in LaDel’s Day Nursery. I will strongly recommend such a nursery for anyone who desires the best for the upbringing of children. Great thanks to all the staff.


Words can not truly express how happy I am with this nurseries’ services. The love, care and support that was shown towards my twins and all the other children within the nursery was outstanding. They have great facilities for children and a range of activities. The staff are very supportive, polite and caring. LaDel’s Day Nursery is the best nursery I have come across.


This was one of the best nurseries for me and my child. The manager and staff were always polite, friendly and respectful in all aspects. They are accurate in passing on information whether via newsletter or word of mouth as a reminder. My child was always happy and even more excited to go to nursery in the mornings, I had no problem and would highly recommend LaDel’s Day Nursery.

Chelsea S

My son has attended here for over two years. The nursery is run very well with great staff. If ever I need to discuss anything they are happy to do so. I’ve never had any issues with my sons well being or education whilst he has been there. The nursery has really helped my son with his speech disorder, even learning and writing Makaton (Sign Language) to help him progress. If ever there has been an incident or accident it has always been relayed to me that day so I am aware. They review the children often so I’m always aware of his progress. They often have event days which the kids love. The nursery is run by an amazing woman who adores the children. I’m happy to say the nursery has exceeded my expectations.

Daniel I

My son attended LaDel’s nursery last year. Our family’s overall experience with this nursery is wonderful. I must say that all the staff from top to bottom of the hierarchy there, contributed to that experience. Two names will remain in our memories as the most pleasurable experiences we ever had with the educational system so far. These are the manager of LaDel’s, and one of the most experienced teachers. The human approach, generosity, love for the kids, professionalism in classrooms and at the playground and I can go on and on, trying to describe something that actually has to be personally experienced. I can’t express enough my personal gratitude to the staff of LaDel’s. My son was having English as a second language. When he started with LaDel’s he didn’t know/speak any. By the third week, he felt comfortable and used the English language as a language of preferable choice. In conclusion, I can only recommend LaDel’s to anyone.

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