Following the guidelines set out by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), we want to help your child prepare for the school environment at the same time as expanding their knowledge through play and other exciting activities.

We believe our early educational care setting is the perfect place to achieve this, with the curriculum we work towards with all of the children in our care covering these main areas:

Physical development

We work to help children develop physical control, mobility and awareness of manipulative skills in various environments. We strive to establish positive attitudes towards a healthy and active way of life.

Personal, social and emotional development

This area of the curriculum explores learning how to work, play and co-operate with others outside of the family unit.

Understanding of the World

This area focuses on the children’s knowledge and understanding of their environment, other people and features of the natural world. We provide a foundation for historical, geographical, scientific and technological learning.

Mathematical development

We cover important aspects of mathematical understanding and provide the foundation for numeracy. We use practical activities and develop simple mathematical ideas.

Communication and language

We want to help children acquire competence in English as soon as possible, making use, where appropriate, of their developing understanding and skills in other languages. Here the focus is on developing competence in talking, listening, and becoming readers and writers.


This element of the curriculum starts your child on their journey through reading and writing, looking at mark making and developing phonics knowledge to help with reading as they go into school.

Expressive arts and design

This is all about development of children’s imagination and their ability to communicate and to express ideas and feelings in creative ways.

Your child’s key worker will keep a ‘personal development folder’ for each and every child in their care. Achievements according to the official ‘Early Learning Goals’ associated to each area of the curriculum will be entered. You are welcome to view these at any time, and they will act as a focus point during parent’s evenings.

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