Here at Ladel’s Day Nursery, we are committed to providing a fun and safe environment for your child to learn and develop. We always make sure there is plenty for them to do, with our team members on hand at all times to help. When in our care, you can rest assured that your child will be having fun, but learning at the same time too.

Our environment

Offering day care and preschool for children aged between three months and five years, we have split our nursery into two age groups to ensure every child has access to the space, toys and equipment suitable to their age.

We have a soft play area for our children who are aged between three months and two years old, with a large free-flow area then used for all children who are aged between two and five.

Your child’s learning

Ladel’s Day Nursery adheres to the guidelines of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which implements planned and child-initiated activities, and gives diverse opportunities and choice of ‘what and with whom’ children play with indoors and outdoors.

We put great emphasis on equal opportunities and encourage your child to freely express themselves, whether verbally or non-verbally. We allow them to participate in play activities of their choice, and also pay particular attention to cultural preferences in terms of activities, regularly collaborating with parents to provide a culturally appropriate curriculum to help overcome personal and social barriers.

The layout of our childcare setting also provides a free-flow system where the children have unlimited access to outdoor play. This enables them to explore, play and experience valuable first-hand learning of their environment.

Our team

Every member of the team here at Ladel’s Day Nursery is passionate about the care of your child. We want to help your child create lasting childhood memories, playing an active role in their learning and development right through until they are ready to start school.

We know how important it is as parents for you to feel comfortable and happy that your child is in good hands, and in the safe environment of our nursery, you can be assured that they will be having fun as well as learning valuable skills and building their knowledge.

Our qualified and friendly staff will always ensure your child feels at home, away from home.

Our principles and commitments

  • To provide a joyful and rewarding experience through creative learning. We encourage children to develop their own sense of independence and ability to think for themselves
  • To provide an environment in which all children, including those with special educational needs, are supported to reach their full potential
  • To continually improve staff knowledge and understanding of issues relating to anti-discriminatory practice, promoting equality and diversity to make inclusion a thread that runs through all areas of the nursery
  • To collaborate with parents and carers to encourage positive relationships between parents, carers, children and staff
  • To enable children to flourish by meeting their personal, social and emotional needs, while setting clear and appropriate expectations of behaviour

We believe our nursery is the perfect place to help your child grow, flourish and enjoy their early years.

Our Goal

Ladels Day Nursery provides innovative, high-quality early learning experiences for young children aged 3 months -5 years old in a safe and stimulating environment, which enables all our children to develop and thrive in all areas of their learning journey.

The setting offers a spacious and well-equipped outdoor environment that provides added opportunities to promote the children’s learning and development.

At Ladels we are endeavour to meet each child’s need and to ensure that all the children in our care are treated with equality and fairness.

At Ladels we take pride in ensuring all children are safe and strive to their true potential

Our main goal is to ensure that we provide the highest quality childcare that is both accessible and affordable.

Our values are:

  • We listen to each other
  • We use good manners
  • We Take turn
  • We share
  • We are kind to each other and uses kind words
  • We care for each other

We are all different and we are all important

Ladels Day Nursery providing a safe, secure, nurturing and stimulating environment for children to learn and develop their capacities as successful leaners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. Skills and confidence needed to meet life challenges

We passionately believe this to be a joint effort between Ladels Day Nursery and the parents and to achieve this Ladels Day Nursery will promote the right environment for that partnership to succeed.

Staffing and Key Person System

The Key Person System

Ladels Day Nursery Limited policy is to have a high ratio of adults to children. This allows us to have a Key Person system, which gives each member of staff particular responsibility for just a few children. As a result, each child in the group has one special adult to relate to, which can make settling into a group much easier. In addition, the key person can tailor the group’s activities for each individual child.

Our Policy Documents

Copies of our document can be requested from the manager.

Additional Information

  • More information on requesting additional support can be obtained via this link.
  • The Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) referral form can be obtained from the Croydon Borough Council.
  • ​Information on procedures for managing allegations against staff can be found on the CSCP website.
  • All two-year-old eligibility checks are done via Croydon Family Space.
  • Visit the Croydon Chatterbox groupfor all communication and language concerns

Nursery Activities

Nursery Activities and celebration: Birthdays, graduation -nursery leavers), World book day (the love of books and story telling), Easter Egg hunt, Pyjama party, Christmas dinner, Christmas jumpers, Christmas Fancy dress party, EiD, Trips to the local Library, shops and other local event/s

Bank Holidays

2023 – 2024
  • Christmas Day – December 25, 2023
  • Boxing Day – December 26, 2023
  • New Year’s Day – January 2, 2024
  • Good Friday –
  • Easter Monday – April
  • Early May Bank Holiday –
  • Spring Bank Holiday –
  • Summer Bank Holiday –
  • Christmas Day –

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